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Auriculo Spa

Otherwise known as ear acupuncture, auricular acupuncture is a microsystem within Chinese Medicine that actually has modern, Western roots.

What is Auriculotherapy?

Auricular Acupuncture utilizes a microsystem around the ear that mirrors the anatomy of the body and its physiological functions. Perfect for those who want an introduction to Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, or those who need a refresher in between their routine whole body acupuncture treatments.

Auriculo Spa Menu

Please choose from the following menu options prior to your auricular acupuncture visit, in order to leave the majority of your 30 minute visit for your treatment. If you have any questions, you can call or text us at (510) 863-0333 or email at and we'd be happy to help you choose a treatment type. Your practitioner can also answer any questions at the time of your appointment, but please come prepared with your main focus for treatment. 


Good zzz’s  - Promotes good sleep and calms the mind  


Chill - Calms the sympathetic nervous system 


Reset - Pushes the restore button and balances the organ systems    


Immunity Boost - Works on strengthening your body’s defenses


Women’s Balance - Balances the organ systems involved with female hormone regulation 


Men’s Balance - Balances the organ systems involved with male hormone regulation 


Digest-zen - Helps facilitate and ease digestion


Hangover and detox - Perfect for resetting the system and dealing with hangover symptoms


Clarity/Mood/Energize -  A complete system reboot. Great for treating the blues, brain fog and lack of motivation


Pain - Helps ease your body's inflammatory response, chronic or general pain, or pain in a specific area


Regulate - Helps regulate the menses and ease PMS 


NADA - Works on relieving symptoms of addiction


Headache - Supports your body in relieving symptoms of headache 

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