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Skin Care Serum

Qi beauty™ matrix facials

Qi beauty is a facial rejuvenation technique that was developed in Australia in 2006 by renowned aesthetician, Kathy Pederson. Qi Beauty is the first and only treatment that uses static magnetic fields in combination with controlled magnetic gradients for aesthetics and skin recovery.

With Qi beauty techniques, we use magnetic gradients which allow us to manipulate facial volume by lifting, sculpting, and plumping below the surface for a natural and healthy appearance. Each treatment is customized and based on acupuncture points and is unique to each individual. Qi beauty treatments are designed to rejuvenate and regenerate. Skin is stimulated at the cellular level by the Matrix that when applied to skin, facilitates the movement of intrinsic compounds, defines facial features, reduces heavy jowls, lifts the brow, and reduces facial sag and loss of volume.

Qi beauty is completely needle-free, pain-free, and is safe for people of all age. Best of all, no down time. Results are amazing!


Qi beauty Matrix Facial

At your initial Qi beauty Facial, your practitioner will identify your skin Qi deficiencies and customize a matrix to deliver the best results based on your presenting skin conditions and your desired outcome. Our Qi beauty Facials can target the face; face and neck; or face, neck and décolletage. Before your appointment, you will choose from three advanced protocols to rejuvenate the skin: acne, anti-aging, or detoxification.

Book online, or give us a call, text, email, or visit the clinic to schedule your first treatment!


Qi beauty Home Kit

For professional skin therapy at home, the Qi beauty Home Kits effortlessly provide maintenance between any of our facial rejuvenation services. Our easy to use Qi beauty home kits will enhance the effects of your favorite facial treatments without leaving the comfort of your home. Each kit contains 50 treatments to keep your skin sculpted and revitalized! 


Learn more and watch a tutorial on the Home Kit here.

Give us a call, text, email, or visit us to order!

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