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Face Serum

cosmetic acupuncture facials

What sets cosmetic acupuncture apart from other facials is the ability to target individual fine lines, wrinkles and muscle groups for targeted results that are difficult to duplicate with other treatment styles. By applying extremely fine needles along meridians in the face and body, we move Qi and blood throughout the system, increase facial tone, decrease puffiness, firm sagging skin, and enhance complexion, all while relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system. Our treatments take into consideration a person's constitution as a whole for radiant beauty and health inside and out. A full course of Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture consists of an initial consultation and 12 or more treatments administered once or twice weekly. It is highly recommended that time in between treatments not exceed 7 days. Maintenance treatments may be scheduled every 6 to 12 weeks, or as needed by the patient.

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facial microcurrent treatments

Microcurrent is the comfortable and painless application of sub sensory electric currents to the face, which mirrors the body’s own natural electrical current.  ​Microcurrent has been shown to stimulate ATP which in turn aides in collagen and elastin production. The three major cellular-level benefits are: 1) Improvement of skin tone, texture, hydration and plumpness which you will see right away, usually in the first treatment.  2) Lift, which some people see in the first treatment but usually within 3-5 treatments 3) Release of wrinkles and muscles that are stuck in expression lines, which generally ease in 10-12 treatments.  The treatment also relaxes the parasympathetic nervous system, which releases anxiety, hypertension and stress.

microcurrent facials

microcurrent facial

The Natura Classic Microcurrent Facial is our original facial rejuvenation treatment that you all know and love. Great for minimizing the signs of aging by lifting, toning, reducing fine lines, evening out skin tone and improving overall texture. It is a synergistic combination of targeted facial microcurrent, a full Éminence Organics facial, and distal acupuncture points based on an individualized assessment of imbalances in the body.

natura classic

microcurrent facial

Perfect for a special occasion or a quick touch up to freshen the skin and enhance facial tone, the Natura Express and Glow is the mini version of the Natura Classic Microcurrent Facial.

express & glow

with microcurrent

Create the perfect synergy of any two facial treatment types for powerful results. Choose two of the following: ~Cosmetic Acupuncture ~Qi beauty™ ~HydraFacial™ ~Facial Microcurrent Due to the individualized natura of a combination facial, please book a free 15 minute consultation and we will craft the perfect treatment for you!

custom combination

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