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Vibrant, Clear, and Youthful for a Lasting Impression

Natura's Qi beauty Matrix Facial
Natura's Qi beauty Matrix Facial

We are very proud to share with you the Natura Qi beauty Facial. This treatment is an Australian innovation that is only offered by a handful of practitioners in America. It’s a blend of new technology and ancient Chinese acupuncture that is completely needle-free and pain-free, rejuvenating your skin without any damage, downtime, or redness. This deeply relaxing experience is achieved with a gold static magnetic field and gradient that stimulates the skin at the cellular level, both above and below the surface, and addresses overall health, inflammatory issues, and ultimately aesthetics.

Healthy aging benefits that can easily be seen after just one treatment are:

  • Defined facial features

  • Reduction in heavy jowls, facial sagging, and volume loss

  • Lifted brow line

  • Reduction in acne and skin discoloration

At Natura Health & Wellness, we work to customize each Qi beauty Facial to meet your specific concerns and address any underlying Qi deficiencies. When you meet with our certified Qi beauty practitioner, you can choose to focus on acne, anti-aging, or detoxification. We then use our favorite skin care line, Éminence Organics, to nourish, protect, and complete the healing transformation. Book your appointment today. Activate the energetic process that supports your personal healthy skin function. Enable your skin to be more vibrant, clear, and youthful. Make a lasting impression.


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